Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mixed Tape Vol. 4 - Vannin'!!!

I'm not gonna go on about how I'm gonna try to start updating this every month again or whatever, cuz I'm not.
I did just buy a van tho, and decided to make a vannin' mix!! So here's 50 some songs to bang in your van to (all songs should be labeled correctly for once) strap on your lap belt, light a cig, and let's go VANNIN'!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mix Tape Vol. 3 - Sunday Morning Mix!!!

Welcome to my first post of 2012! I was looking back at past posts, and realized I really slacked in 2011. I'm really gonna try to get to this once a month this year.'s a Sunday morning mix tape for all my hungover friends! Grab a coffee, aspirin, and a cigarette and sit back. Nothin' too harsh or noisy here, just some layed back easy listening. As always...file names and bitrates are all over the place. If you like something and don't know who it is cuz it's not labeled, comment about it and I'll figure it out for you. Happy hangover!!