Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mixed Tape Vol. 4 - Vannin'!!!

I'm not gonna go on about how I'm gonna try to start updating this every month again or whatever, cuz I'm not.
I did just buy a van tho, and decided to make a vannin' mix!! So here's 50 some songs to bang in your van to (all songs should be labeled correctly for once) strap on your lap belt, light a cig, and let's go VANNIN'!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mix Tape Vol. 3 - Sunday Morning Mix!!!

Welcome to my first post of 2012! I was looking back at past posts, and realized I really slacked in 2011. I'm really gonna try to get to this once a month this year.'s a Sunday morning mix tape for all my hungover friends! Grab a coffee, aspirin, and a cigarette and sit back. Nothin' too harsh or noisy here, just some layed back easy listening. As always...file names and bitrates are all over the place. If you like something and don't know who it is cuz it's not labeled, comment about it and I'll figure it out for you. Happy hangover!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Unsane - Visqueen

Artist: Unsane
Album: Visqueen
Release: 2007
Label: Ipecac

1. Against the Grain
2. Last Man Standing
3. This Stops at the River
4. Only Pain
5. No One
6. Windshield
7. Shooting Clay
8. Line on the Wall
9. Disdain
10 .Eat Crow
11. East Broadway

As far as "new" Unsane goes, I thought Blood Run was a decent record....until I heard Visqueen! Wow!! This is my 2nd favorite Unsane record next to Scattered, Smothered, and Covered. Production is immaculate, and song writing is top notch. If you've never heard Unsane, get this album, and tell people to fuck off that razz you for only having "new" Unsane!! This album kills!! Unsane has re-invented noise rock with this one, and is well oiled once again!! Can't wait for more.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Guided by Voices - Mag Earwig

Artist: Guided by Voices
Album: Mag Earwig!
Release: 1997
Label: Matador

1. Can't Hear The Revolution
2. Sad If I Lost It
3. I Am A Tree
4. The Old Grunt
5. Bulldog Skin
6. Are You Faster?
7. I Am Produced
8. Knock 'Em Flyin'
9. Not Behind The Fighter Jet
10. Choking Tara
11. Hollow Creek
12. Portable Men's Society
13. Little Lines
14. Learning To Hunt
15. The Finest Joke Is Upon Us
16. Mag Earwhig!
17. Now To War
18. Jane Of The Waking Universe
19. The Colussus Crawls West
20. Mute Superstar
21. Bomb In The Bee-Hive

Robert Pollard may have alienated some GBV fans when he hired a new back up crew. Especially when the "new" album is such a departure, production-wise from the usual lo-fi recordings Pollard & co have become infamous for. In the same foul swoop tho, he's managed to recruit a schwack of new ones with Mag Earwig!. I've always dug the lo-fi ramblin's of GBV....but this new sound was kind of refreshing. Some stand-outs..."I am a Tree", "Bulldog Skin", "I am Produced", "Little Lines".


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mix Tape Vol. 2 - Covers!!!

I`m really trying to update this more often. The descriptions might get a bit lazier, but i`ll try ta get music up here more at least.
So...I`m a sucker for covers...that are well done of course. Here`s 60-some covers that give me goosebumps. You`ll have to excuse the bad tagging, file names, and bitrate on some of these again. Most of them don`t say who the cover is of either, so you`ll have to Google it or something.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Six Finger Satellite - Severe Exposure

Artist: Six Finger Satellite
Album: Severe Exposure
Release: 1995
Label: Sub Pop

1. Bad Comrade
2. Parlour Games
3.White Queen to Black Knight
4. Pulling a Train
5. Simian Fever
6. Cock Fight
7.Dark Companion
8. Where Humans Go
9. Rabies (Baby's got the)
10. Board the Bus

Great fucking synth post-punk! In the vein of early Liars. One of the greasiest albums I've ever heard...

Friday, December 31, 2010

Mixed Tape!

Happy New Year!
Actually, who gives a shit...just kidding, I'm actually looking fwd to some things happening in 2011!
What I've posted here is a mixed tape. It's not a "best of 2010" thing at all. I just thought since I'm not goin' out for New Years this year, I would make a mixed tape for my 11 hungover followers to wake up to tomorrow morning/afternoon. I wanted to put it in order(cuz thats the WHOLE point of a mixed tape, right? ease into it with something mellow...then some pop/punk, then hit 'em with some metal....THEN, for the last song....THEE grossest, heaviest song that was EVER recorded!!! ...ok, I mighta went off on the order thing there a bit...), but since the file names are all fucked(every song still has "band-song.mp3" type formula), it would have been too much, how cool are surprises??
Also, please keep in mind that these mp3's are from ALL over the place, and some of them are the very first mp3's I ever downloaded...before bitrate quality and tagging were big bare with some of the shitty quality and tagging.
Making this mix actually reminded me of alot of old cool shit, and has spawned some ideas for future blogging. Stay tuned and Happy New Year!!! dp