Friday, December 31, 2010

Mixed Tape!

Happy New Year!
Actually, who gives a shit...just kidding, I'm actually looking fwd to some things happening in 2011!
What I've posted here is a mixed tape. It's not a "best of 2010" thing at all. I just thought since I'm not goin' out for New Years this year, I would make a mixed tape for my 11 hungover followers to wake up to tomorrow morning/afternoon. I wanted to put it in order(cuz thats the WHOLE point of a mixed tape, right? ease into it with something mellow...then some pop/punk, then hit 'em with some metal....THEN, for the last song....THEE grossest, heaviest song that was EVER recorded!!! ...ok, I mighta went off on the order thing there a bit...), but since the file names are all fucked(every song still has "band-song.mp3" type formula), it would have been too much, how cool are surprises??
Also, please keep in mind that these mp3's are from ALL over the place, and some of them are the very first mp3's I ever downloaded...before bitrate quality and tagging were big bare with some of the shitty quality and tagging.
Making this mix actually reminded me of alot of old cool shit, and has spawned some ideas for future blogging. Stay tuned and Happy New Year!!! dp

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