Friday, June 18, 2010

Turbonegro - Ass Cobra

Artist: Turbonegro
Album: Ass Cobra
Release: 1996
Label: SFTRI

1.Dazzling Display of Talent
2.The Midnight NAMBLA
4.Black Rabbit
5.Denim Demon
6.Bad Mongo
7.Mobile Home
8.I Got Erection
9.Just Flesh
10.Screwed And Tattooed (bonus track on the SFTRI release only)
11.Hobbit Motherfuckers
12.Sailor Man
13.Turbonegro Hate the Kids
14.Imorgen Skal Eg Daue
15.Raggare Is a Bunch of Motherfuckers
16.Young Boys Feet (bonus track on the SFTRI release only

Fuck new Turbonegro! There are only 3 albums....Never is Forever, Apocalypse Dudes, and THIS ONE! Period. Ass Cobra is gayer than cum on a mustache! Total fucking rape rock. The best of the 3 for mentioned. If you don't download this NOW, you're gay!


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